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Checking Back In Automatically!


If the 'Reminder' feature has been enabled for an individual, it can check them back in automatically regardless of whether or not the 'Check-In Check-Out' program is running.  

This occurs whenever the individual logs onto the network.  No need to open the in/out program or even have it running!   If the individual is already signed 'In', the reminder will not appear!


in out board reminder example


1. There are 2 ways to enable the reminder:

a. First Way
   If you have the "Enterprise" version:
    - From each workstation navigate to where the program was installed.
    - Double click on "Install_Reminder.exe" (a file in your in/out program folder).

If you have the "Professional" version:
    - Run "Shortcut.exe" (a file in the Check-In folder) from each workstation
      (it will give you the option of enabling the "Reminder").

b. Second Way
    - Have your computer person add "Chklogin.exe" to everyone's Start Up Group.
    - Make sure "Chklogin.exe" remains in the in/out program folder.



Please note, our Enterprise version can sign you out automatically for future events.  You can pre-sign out with our Enterprise edition!