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Here is the easy way to remind indviduals to sign out at the end of the day !


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1. Download our  sign out alert  file if you haven't already (do not download more than one time !!)

a. "Save" it into the in/out program folder on the network.

2. Have each user click their START button, SETTINGS, and CONTROL PANEL to open up their Control Panel.

3. Double click on the "Scheduled Tasks" icon to open Windows Scheduled Tasks.

a. Double click on "Add scheduled task" to start the wizard

b. Click Next

c. Click the Browse button

d. Select the SignOut_Alert . exe file in your in/out program folder.

e. Continue the wizard .. select daily and weekdays (as shown below)

f. Select a Start Time (usually about 20 minutes before closing time)

scheduled task example


4. In the above example the alert will appear weekdays at 4:40 p.m.

5. The alert will close itself  after 20 minutes  if no one is at the computer.


If you encounter error messages or problems please contact us at this email address:

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Thank you for being a Softech customer!

L. Scott Sagnette
Softech Systems